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Chapter 468-305 WAC

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HTMLPDF468-305-002What is the purpose of these rules?
HTMLPDF468-305-100What toll payment methods are available on WSDOT toll facilities?
HTMLPDF468-305-105What can I do to arrange for toll payment before I use a toll facility?
HTMLPDF468-305-125Is there a way for me to pay the toll after I drive on a toll facility before I get a Pay By Mail bill?
HTMLPDF468-305-131What happens when I use a toll facility but do not have an account or I have insufficient funds in my account?
HTMLPDF468-305-133What should I do once I receive a Pay By Mail bill in the mail?
HTMLPDF468-305-136What happens if I do not pay or dispute my toll charge?
HTMLPDF468-305-150What can I do once I received a notice of civil penalty?
HTMLPDF468-305-152What can I do if I dispute my tolls, fees and/or civil penalty?
HTMLPDF468-305-160What can I do if I want to pay the tolls but dispute a fee or civil penalty?
HTMLPDF468-305-200Are any vehicles exempt from paying a toll?
HTMLPDF468-305-210What is required for a qualified vehicle to claim an exemption?
HTMLPDF468-305-220How are rental car transactions processed?
HTMLPDF468-305-300How can I open a Good To Go!™ toll account?
HTMLPDF468-305-315How do I add funds to my prepaid account?
HTMLPDF468-305-316What happens if the transaction is unsuccessful during automatic payment?
HTMLPDF468-305-320What are the various statuses that my account could be in?
HTMLPDF468-305-330How can I get a refund if I close my Good To Go!™ account?
HTMLPDF468-305-340In what order will my payment be applied to what I owe in toll charges?
HTMLPDF468-305-350What happens if my check does not clear my bank?
HTMLPDF468-305-400What forms of payment will be accepted by the customer service center?
HTMLPDF468-305-410What toll payment methods are accepted at the TNB toll booths?
HTMLPDF468-305-526What happens once my dispute is received?
HTMLPDF468-305-527What happens if I disagree with the outcome of my hearing?
HTMLPDF468-305-528What happens if I request a hearing?
HTMLPDF468-305-529How will I be notified of the hearing decision?
HTMLPDF468-305-540What information about my toll charges is available prior to the administrative hearing or submission of a written dispute?
HTMLPDF468-305-542What evidence will be before the administrative law judge at the hearing or when reviewing the written dispute and waiver of hearing?
HTMLPDF468-305-560What is the final order?
HTMLPDF468-305-570When is payment due if I am found liable for the NOCP?
HTMLPDF468-305-580How do I release a hold on my vehicle registration renewal?
HTMLPDF468-305-582How do I pay amounts forwarded to a collection agency?
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