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PDFWAC 468-16-130

Prequalification work classes.

A contractor seeking prequalification under this chapter will be classified for one or more of the following listed work classes in accordance with the adequacy of the firm's equipment and plant facilities and its demonstrated ability to perform the work class sought.
Class 1
Clearing, grubbing, grading and draining
Removal of tree stumps, shrubs, modification of the ground surface by cuts and fills, excavating of earth materials, placement of drainage structures, and construction of structural earth walls.
Class 2
Production and placing of crushed materials
Production and placing crushed surfacing materials and gravel.
Class 3
Bituminous surface treatment
Placing of crushed materials with asphaltic application.
Class 4
Asphalt concrete paving
Production and placing Asphalt Concrete Plant Mix Pavement.
Class 5
Cement concrete paving
Production and placing cement concrete pavement.
Class 6
Bridges and structures
Construction of bridges and other major structures of timber, steel, and concrete.
Class 7
Construction of buildings and related structures and major reconstruction and remodeling of such buildings.
Class 8
Painting bridges, buildings, and related structures.
Class 9
Traffic signals
Installation of traffic signal and control systems.
Class 10
Structural tile cleaning
Cleaning tunnels, large buildings and structures and storage tanks.
Class 11
Construction of a rail secured to uprights and erected as a barrier between, or beside lanes of a highway.
Class 12
Pavement marking (excluding painting)
Thermoplastic markings, stripes, bars, symbols, etc. Traffic buttons, lane markers, guide posts.
Class 13
Removal of timber, steel, and concrete structures and obstructions.
Class 14
Drilling and blasting
Controlled blasting of rock and obstructions by means of explosives.
Class 15
Sewers and water mains
Draining, pipe jacking, water systems, pumping stations, storm drainage systems, sewer rehabilitation, sewage pumping stations, pressurized lines.
Class 16
Illumination and general electrical
Highway illumination, navigational lighting, wiring, junction boxes, conduit installation.
Class 17
Cement concrete curb and gutter
Sidewalks, spillways, driveways, monument cases and covers, right of way markers, traffic curbs, and gutters.
Class 18
Asphalt concrete curb and gutter
Sidewalks, spillways, driveways, monument cases and covers, right of way markers, traffic curbs, and gutters.
Class 19
Riprap and rock walls
Mortar, rubble, and masonry walls; rock retaining walls, and placing of large broken stone on earth surfaces for protection against the action of water.
Class 20
Concrete structures except bridges
Cast-in-place median barrier, prestressing, post-tensioned structures, footings, prefabricated panels and walls, retaining walls, and ramps, foundations, rock bolts, and concrete slope protection.
Class 21
Tunnels and shaft excavation
Tunnel excavation, rock tunneling, and soft bore tunneling.
Class 22
Driving concrete, steel, and timber piles.
Class 23
Concrete surface finishes
Architectural concrete surface finishes (fractured fin, random board, exposed aggregate, etc.). Waterproofing concrete surfaces (clear or pigmented sealer).
Class 24
Wire and metal fencing, glare screens.
Class 25
Bridge deck repair
Bridge expansion joint repair and modification, bridge deck resurfacing and repair, deck seal.
Class 26
Not used
Class 27
Sign structures and sign foundations.
Class 28
Drilled large diameter slurry shafts
Drilled shafts 4' diameter or larger and greater than 15' deep when excavation is performed utilizing the wet method and concrete is placed by tremie methods under slurry.
Class 29
Slurry diaphragm and cut-off walls
Slurry excavation and the construction of structural concrete walls and slurry cut-off walls.
Class 30
Highway construction surveying.
Class 31
Water distribution and irrigation
Irrigation systems and heavy duty water distribution.
Class 32
Landscape irrigation, planting, sodding, seeding, fertilizing, mulching, herbicide application, insecticide application, weed control, mowing, liming, soil binder, topsoil.
Class 33
Work other than surveying, including engineering calculations, drawing and other related work for highway construction.
Class 34
Erosion control
Seeding, fertilizing, mulching, slope protection, topsoil application, hydro-seeding, soil stabilization, soil sampling.
Class 35
Precast median barrier
A concrete barrier that is cast and cured in other than its final position used to divide the median of two adjacent highways or temporarily placed to divert traffic in construction zones.
Class 36
Earth retention and anchoring
Installation of permanent soil nails, soldier piles, timber lagging and micropiles. Soldier pile tie-back anchor wall construction.
Class 37
Impact attenuators
Installation of approved protective systems filled with sand, water, foam, or other substances which prevent errant vehicles from impacting roadside hazards.
Class 38
Paint striping
Painted bars, letters, symbols, and striping.
Class 39
Slope protection
The installation of a zinc coated steel wire mesh anchored by wire rope and reinforced concrete posts or anchor rods. Used for dampening the effects of rolling rocks onto the highway. Slope scaling, horizontal drains, rock dowels, and rock bolts for slope stabilization.
Class 40
Gabion and gabion construction
Construction of walls made with containers of galvanized steel hexagonal wire mesh and filled with stone.
Class 41
Intelligent transportation systems (ITS)
Traffic sensors systems, highway advisory radios, environmental sensing stations, variable message signs, nonfiber optic based closed circuit television, and video systems.
Class 42
Electronics - Fiber optic based communications systems
Design and installation of fiber optic based communication systems.
Class 43
Plumbing work and the installation of heating or air conditioning units.
Class 44
Asbestos abatement
Asbestos abatement (L & I certified workers).
Class 45
Hazardous waste removal
The containment, cleanup, and disposal of toxic materials. Companies seeking this classification shall have full-time personnel with current hazardous waste training (certifications).
Class 46
Concrete restoration
Pavement subseal, cement concrete repair, epoxy coatings, epoxy repair, masonry repair, masonry cleaning, special coatings, epoxy injection, gunite, shotcrete grouting, pavement jacking, gunite repair, and pressure grouting.
Class 47
Concrete sawing, coring, and grooving
Concrete sawing, concrete planing, grinding, grooving, bump grinding, joint repair, concrete coring and rumble strips.
Class 48
Excavating underwater materials.
Class 49
Marine work
Underwater surveillance, testing, repair, subaquatic construction, anchors, and cable replacement, floating concrete pontoon repairs and modifications, disassembly and assembly of floating concrete pontoons.
Class 50
Ground modification
Pressure grouting, blast densification, stone column, jet grouting, compaction, dynamic compaction, soil mixing, gravel drain.
Class 51
Well drilling
Drilling wells, installing pipe casing and pumping stations.
Class 52
Sewage disposal
Hauling and disposing liquid and solid wastes.
Class 53
Traffic control
Providing piloted traffic control, traffic control labor, and maintenance and protection of traffic.
Class 54
Railroad construction
Construction of railroad subgrade, placing of ballast, ties, and track and other items related to railroad work.
Class 55
Steel fabrication
Welding of steel members, heat straightening steel.
Class 56
Street cleaning
Street sweeping with self-propelled sweeping equipment.
Class 57
Materials transporting
Truck hauling.
Class 58
Sand blasting and steam cleaning
Steam cleaning, sand blasting, shot blasting, and water blasting.
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