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PDFWAC 468-100-504

Additional rules governing relocation payment to mobile home occupants.

(1) Replacement housing payment based on dwelling and site: Both the mobile home and mobile homesite must be considered when computing a replacement housing payment. For example, a displaced mobile home occupant may have owned the displacement mobile home and rented the site or may have rented the displacement mobile home and owned the site. Also a person may elect to purchase a replacement mobile home and rent a replacement site, or rent a replacement mobile home and purchase a replacement site. In such cases, the total replacement housing payment shall consist of a payment for a dwelling and a payment for a site, each computed under the applicable section in WAC 468-100-401 through 468-100-403. However, the total replacement housing payment under WAC 468-100-401 through 468-100-403 shall not exceed the maximum payment (either twenty-two thousand five hundred dollars or five thousand two hundred fifty dollars) permitted under the subsection that governs the computation for the dwelling.
(2) Cost of comparable replacement dwelling:
(a) If a comparable replacement mobile home is not available, the replacement housing payment shall be computed on the basis of the reasonable cost of a conventional comparable replacement dwelling.
(b) If the agency determines that it would be practical to relocate the mobile home, but the owner-occupant elects not to do so, the agency may determine that, for purposes of computing the price differential under WAC 468-100-401(3), the cost of a comparable replacement dwelling is the sum of:
(i) The value of the mobile home;
(ii) The cost of any necessary repairs or modifications; and
(iii) The estimated cost of moving the mobile home to a replacement site.
(3) General provisions: WAC 468-100-403 also applies.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 8.26 RCW. WSR 06-02-068, § 468-100-504, filed 1/3/06, effective 2/3/06; WSR 89-17-048 (Order 121), § 468-100-504, filed 8/14/89, effective 9/14/89.]
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