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PDFWAC 468-100-004

Assurances, monitoring, and corrective action.

(1) Assurances: Prior to a state agency or local public agency commencement of any project phase that will result in real property acquisition or displacement that is subject to chapter 8.26 RCW, the agency shall prepare and adopt operating procedures. Such procedures shall:
(a) Assure that the agency will comply with chapter 8.26 RCW and this chapter;
(b) Contain specific reference to any state law which the agency believes provides an exception to RCW 8.26.180, 8.26.190, or this chapter;
(c) Include appropriate provisions to carry out this chapter in a manner that minimizes the opportunity for, and/or the appearance of fraud, waste, and mismanagement; and
(d) Shall be prefaced by a certification that the agency will carry out its responsibilities for real property acquisition and relocation assistance in accordance with chapter 8.26 RCW and this chapter. A statement such as the following would satisfy the certification requirement:
"The agency certifies that the agency will comply with chapter 8.26 RCW and chapter 468-100 WAC in connection with the acquisition of real property for, and relocation of persons displaced by, a program or project of the agency."
The agency shall maintain a record copy of such procedures available for public review at any reasonable time and location.
(2) Temporary relocation: In the case of a person that will not be displaced but is required to relocate temporarily because of the project, the provisions of WAC 468-100-204(3) shall apply.
(3) Monitoring and corrective action: The funding agency will monitor compliance with this chapter, and the acquiring agency and/or displacing agency shall take whatever corrective action is necessary to comply with chapter 8.26 RCW and this chapter. The funding agency may also apply sanctions in accordance with applicable program regulations.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 8.26 RCW. WSR 06-02-068, § 468-100-004, filed 1/3/06, effective 2/3/06; WSR 89-17-048 (Order 121), § 468-100-004, filed 8/14/89, effective 9/14/89.]
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