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PDFWAC 463-22-050

Retention of consultant.

Upon receipt of a request for a potential site study, the council shall commission an independent consultant of its choice to study and report in writing to the council on the potential site. The report of study shall set forth a general analysis of the potential environmental impact of the proposed energy facility and shall identify significant areas of environmental concern. The study may also encompass whatever other matters the council and potential applicant deem essential for an adequate appraisal of the potential site and potentially impacted areas surrounding or adjacent to the site.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 80.50.040 (1) and (12). WSR 04-21-013, § 463-22-050, filed 10/11/04, effective 11/11/04; Order 106, § 463-22-050, filed 11/4/76.]
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