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PDFWAC 44-10-223

Manufacturer, transferor and dealer duties prior to resale of a returned vehicle.

After the manufacturer's receipt of a vehicle and prior to first subsequent retail transfer, sale or lease of a vehicle subject to the requirements of RCW 19.118.061:
(1) The manufacturer, agent or new motor vehicle dealer with actual knowledge of a determination, adjudication or settlement must deliver the Lemon Law resale documents with the vehicle to a wholesale or retail buyer, or transferor.
(2) The buyer or transferor should sign and date the acknowledgement of receipt of the Lemon Law resale documents on the "Lemon Law resale disclosure" in each wholesale transaction.
(3) An intervening transferor who receives the "Lemon Law resale disclosure" or "notice of correction and warranty" is prohibited from transferring, selling, or leasing the vehicle without delivery of the "Lemon Law resale disclosure" and any "notice of correction and warranty" with the vehicle to the next transferor, purchaser or lessee.
(4) The "Lemon Law resale windshield display" can only be removed by the first subsequent retail purchaser or lessee of the motor vehicle who has signed the Lemon Law resale disclosure form.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.118.080 (2) and (7), 19.118.061 and 1995 c 254 § 4. WSR 96-03-155, § 44-10-223, filed 1/24/96, effective 2/24/96.]
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