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PDFWAC 434-840-015

Certification of participants.

(1) The secretary of state shall certify an applicant, minor children, and adults residing at the residential address for whom a properly completed application or renewal is filed as a program participant.
(2) Upon certification of the applicant, the secretary of state will issue, and mail, an address confidentiality program participant authorization card to the applicant's mailing address with instructions on how to use the address confidentiality program card. For participants under age 18, the card must be signed by the adult responsible for the participant. The authorization card will include the program participant's name, authorization code, substitute mailing address, certification expiration date, and a signature line for the applicant.
(3) A properly completed application will be effective within two business days of receipt by the address confidentiality program.
(4) The term of a program participant's certification shall be four years following the effective date of her or his application unless the certification is withdrawn or invalidated before that date.
(5) At the time of certification, the secretary of state will send a voter registration application to the applicant accompanied by information related to participating in voting as a protected records voter.
(6) Secretary of state staff members must first verify the identity of an application assistant, program applicant, or program participant prior to any discussion of any data related to any applicant or participant or their certification.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 40.24.030, 40.24.090 and chapter 40.24 RCW. WSR 22-04-086, § 434-840-015, filed 1/31/22, effective 3/3/22. Statutory Authority: RCW 40.24.090 and 40.24.030. WSR 19-12-002, § 434-840-015, filed 5/22/19, effective 6/22/19.]
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