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PDFWAC 434-379-020

Signature verification standard.

A signature on a petition sheet must be matched to the signature on file in the voter registration records. The following characteristics must be utilized to evaluate signatures to determine whether they are by the same writer:
(1) The signature is handwritten.
(2) Agreement in style and general appearance, including basic construction, skill, alignment, fluency, and a general uniformity and consistency between signatures;
(3) Agreement in the proportions of individual letters, height to width, and heights of the upper to lower case letters;
(4) Irregular spacing, slants, or sizes of letters that are duplicated in both signatures;
(5) After considering the general traits, agreement of the most distinctive, unusual traits of the signatures.
A single distinctive trait is insufficient to conclude that the signatures are by the same writer. There must be a combination or cluster of shared characteristics. Likewise, there must be a cluster of differences to conclude that the signatures are by different writers.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 29A.04.611. WSR 18-10-003, § 434-379-020, filed 4/19/18, effective 5/20/18. Statutory Authority: RCW 29A.04.611, 29A.04.530. WSR 06-02-028, § 434-379-020, filed 12/28/05, effective 1/28/06. Statutory Authority: RCW 29A.04.611 and 43.07.120. WSR 05-12-116, § 434-379-020, filed 5/31/05, effective 7/1/05.]
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