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PDFWAC 434-263-060

Initial determination and remedies.

(1) The presiding officer shall render a written initial decision within seventy days after the complaint is filed, unless the complainant consents to a longer period. The determination shall include a statement as to whether, based upon a preponderance of the evidence, a violation of Title III has been established with regard to an election. If the presiding officer determines that a violation has occurred, the determination shall specify the appropriate remedy, if one exists. If the presiding officer determines that no violation has been established, the complaint shall be dismissed.
(2) The remedy awarded under this section shall be directed to the improvement of processes or procedures governed by Title III and must be consistent with state law. Remedies may include written findings that a violation of Title III has occurred and strategies for insuring that the violation does not occur again, as well as any other remedy available to the secretary under law. The remedy may not include any award of monetary damages, costs, penalties or attorney fees, and may not include the invalidation of any vote or ballot, or the invalidation, cancellation, or delay of any primary or election. Remedies addressing the validity of any primary or election or of any ballot or vote may be obtained only as otherwise provided by law.
(3) The initial determination shall include a summary of the process for obtaining an administrative review and shall include notice that judicial review may be available.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 29A.04.611. WSR 08-05-120, § 434-263-060, filed 2/19/08, effective 3/21/08. Statutory Authority: RCW 29A.04.610. WSR 04-16-037, § 434-263-060, filed 7/27/04, effective 8/27/04.]
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