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PDFWAC 415-104-125

DRS review of disability board order.

(1) Under the provisions of RCW 41.26.135, DRS must review a disability board determination that an applicant's disability has ceased pursuant to RCW 41.26.130(3). DRS must:
(a) Affirm (approve) the board's decision; or
(b) Remand (send back) the case for further proceedings; or
(c) Reverse (deny) the board’s decision.
(2) A retiree aggrieved by a decision of the local disability board that the disability has not ceased may appeal the determination to the director. The written notice of appeal must be submitted to DRS within thirty days as provided by RCW 41.26.140(6).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.50.050. WSR 99-16-075, § 415-104-125, filed 8/3/99, effective 9/3/99. Statutory Authority: RCW 41.50.050(5) and 41.50.090. WSR 87-07-016 (Order 87-4), § 415-104-125, filed 3/11/87.]
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