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WAC 399-30-042

Application evaluation procedure and board deliberations—Capital planning support.

(1) The board will consider and approve, or disapprove, all applications for capital planning support loans at regular or special meetings of the board. The applicant will be notified of meetings at which its application will be considered.
(2) Direct costs eligible for capital planning support are those costs directly attributable to: A systemic related plan, including capital facilities plans and capital improvement plans; comprehensive plans, environmental studies, including biological assessments or environmental assessments; or archaeological and historic preservation activities.
(3) All applications will be evaluated in accordance with the following procedures:
(a) Staff will log in all applications as received.
(b) Staff will review all applications for compliance with the minimum qualification requirements of WAC 399-30-030(2). Jurisdictions whose applications do not meet the minimum requirements will be notified in writing of the disqualification.
(c) Staff will perform an evaluation of applications which meet the requirements of WAC 399-30-030(2) to determine if the application is consistent with the policies contained in the loan application.
(d) Those applications found to be consistent with board policies may be recommended to the board for funding. All application materials will be available to the board for its deliberations. The board will approve a list of projects based on the information provided to it by the staff and the applications.
(e) The board may then adjust the list in consideration of the following factors:
(i) Geographical balance;
(ii) Economic distress;
(iii) Past management practices of the applicant, including, but not limited to, late loan payments, loan defaults, audit findings, or inability to complete projects within the time allowed by loan agreement;
(iv) Other criteria that the board considers advisable.
(f) Staff will verify critical information on each project as required by the board.
(g) The board may consult on any issue it wishes to address, with officials of jurisdictions having projects submitted for funding.
(4) Applicants will be notified in writing of board decisions.
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