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PDFWAC 392-800-830


(1) A state-tribal education compact application must include the following:
(a) A resolution by the federally recognized tribe or BIE school's governing body authorizing the federally recognized tribe or BIE school to submit an application pursuant to this chapter;
(b) The grade or grades from kindergarten through twelve that will be offered;
(c) The school year in which the federally recognized tribe or BIE school intends to commence operation of a compact school; and
(d) A description of the educational program that will be offered at the compact school, which must include:
(i) The school's vision and mission;
(ii) The school's program design, including a description of how the school will improve culturally responsive and academic needs of students;
(iii) The school's curriculum and instruction framework;
(iv) Student performance standards/targets;
(v) The school's assessment plan, including a design of evaluation of the proposed program that will produce quantifiable results which will be used to determine the success of the program in meeting intended outcomes including, but not limited to, increased student achievement;
(vi) For high schools, the school's graduation requirements;
(vii) The school calendar;
(viii) An overview of supplemental programs offered at the school;
(ix) An overview of the programs offered for special populations, including students eligible for special education and English language learners;
(x) The school's discipline plan;
(xi) The school's community engagement plan;
(xii) The school's operations plan and governance structure;
(xiii) The school's personnel plan, including how identified personnel will be utilized to complete the tasks and achieve the program's objectives;
(xiv) The school's facilities plan;
(xv) The school's transportation plan;
(xvi) The school's financial plan and fiscal structure;
(xvii) The school's plan to conduct background checks for school personnel; and
(xviii) The school's safety plan.
(2) The application must demonstrate that the compact school will be operated in compliance with all applicable laws.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.655.061 and 655.065 [28A.655.065]. WSR 14-04-001, § 392-800-830, filed 1/22/14, effective 2/22/14.]
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