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PDFWAC 392-600-120

Dissolution of skill centers.

(1) A skill center administrative council, as defined in WAC 392-600-010, seeking to dissolve the operation of a skill center campus shall request prior approval from the superintendent of public instruction before dissolution and shall conform to the following:
(a) Skill centers receiving state funding for construction or major modernization shall not initiate procedures for the dissolution of the operation of a skill center prior to the end of the useful life of the facility or thirty years after the state funded facility's construction completion date, whichever is less.
(b) Any skill center facilities which were constructed, or have received major modernization, with state funding shall revert to the school district in which the facility is physically located and shall be counted as instructional space in the district's inventory.
(c) Request for dissolution outside the terms of the interdistrict cooperative agreement may be approved when, in the judgment of the superintendent of public instruction, there is substantiation of sufficient cause.
(2) Skill centers unable to meet enrollment requirements during the probationary period as described in WAC 392-600-060 shall enter into the skill center dissolution process. Within thirty days after conclusion of the probationary period the skill center administrative council shall submit in writing, for approval by the superintendent of public instruction, one of the following dissolution options:
(a) Partner with an existing skill center to become a branch campus or satellite program. The proposed core campus skill center administrative council must submit a resolution proposal for the new branch campus or satellite program.
(b) Remove skill center status and no longer qualify for enhanced skill center funding as described in WAC 392 121-465.
(c) Proceed with dissolution as outlined in the skill center interdistrict cooperative agreement.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.245.030. WSR 10-04-010, ยง 392-600-120, filed 1/22/10, effective 2/22/10.]
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