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PDFWAC 392-550-065

Documentation and record retention requirements.

School districts and charter schools claiming state funding for alternative learning experiences must:
(1) Retain all documentation required in this chapter in accordance with established records retention schedules;
(2) Make such documentation available upon request for purposes of state monitoring and audit;
(3) Maintain the following written documentation:
(a) School board policy for alternative learning experiences pursuant to this chapter;
(b) Annual reports to the school district board of directors or charter school board as required by WAC 392-550-045;
(c) Monthly and annual reports to the superintendent of public instruction as required by WAC 392-550-050;
(d) The written student learning plans required by WAC 392-550-025; and
(e) Evidence of weekly contact required by WAC 392-550-025.
(i) For students participating in regularly scheduled classes, including in-person instructional contact and synchronous digital instructional contact, evidence may include classroom attendance records.
(ii) For students who are not participating in regularly scheduled classes, evidence of contact must include the date of the contact, the method of communication by which the contact was accomplished, and documentation to support the subject of the communication.
(f) Student progress evaluations and intervention plans required by WAC 392-550-025;
(g) The results of any assessments required by WAC 392-550-050; and
(h) Student enrollment detail substantiating full-time equivalent enrollment reported to the state.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 28A.232 RCW and RCW 28A.232.030. WSR 20-15-062, ยง 392-550-065, filed 7/10/20, effective 8/10/20.]
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