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PDFWAC 392-501-602

Special, unavoidable circumstance appeal review board and approval criteria.

(1) The special, unavoidable circumstance appeal review board shall be created to review and make recommendations to the superintendent of public instruction on all special, unavoidable circumstance appeal applications.
(2) The superintendent of public instruction shall appoint seven members total to the board, five voting members and two alternates (for cases of unanticipated absenteeism or potential conflict of interest on the part of a regular voting member). The board, where membership and panel experience allows, shall be chaired by a current or former high school principal and shall consist of current or former district administrators, teachers, school department heads, and/or school district assessment directors with experience and expertise with the Washington learning standards. Each member shall be appointed for a three-year term, provided that the initial terms may be staggered as the superintendent deems appropriate. As needed, the superintendent may elect to reappoint previous members if new candidates are not available to assume review board positions.
(3) The special, unavoidable circumstance appeals review board shall review applicable special, unavoidable circumstance appeal applications submitted to it by the superintendent of public instruction. The board shall:
(a) Review the written information submitted to determine whether sufficient evidence was presented that the student has the required knowledge and skills; and
(b) Make a recommendation to the superintendent, based on the criteria in subsection (6) of this section, regarding whether or not the appeal should be granted.
(4) Staff from the office of superintendent of public instruction (OSPI) shall coordinate and assist the work of the board. In this capacity, staff from OSPI shall prepare a preliminary analysis of each application and accompanying information that evaluates the extent in which the criteria in subsection (6) of this section have been met.
(5) If the board determines that additional information on a particular student is needed in order to fulfill its duties, the chair of the board shall contact the OSPI staff to request the information.
(6) The board shall recommend to the superintendent of public instruction that the appeal be granted if it finds that:
(a) The student, due to special, unavoidable circumstances as defined in WAC 392-501-601(2), was not able to successfully demonstrate his or her skills on a state high school assessment or on an objective alternative assessment;
(b) No other recourse or remedy exists to address the special, unavoidable circumstance prior to the student's expected graduation date;
(c) After considering the criteria below, in the board's best judgment, the student more likely than not possesses the skills and knowledge required to meet the state standard. The board shall consider the following criteria:
(i) Trends indicated by prior state high school assessment or alternative assessment results;
(ii) How near the student has been in achieving the standard;
(iii) Scores on other assessments, as available;
(iv) Participation and successful completion of remediation courses and other academic assistance opportunities;
(v) Cumulative grade point average;
(vi) Whether the student has taken advanced placement, honors, or other higher-level courses; and
(vii) Other available information deemed relevant by the board.
(7) Based upon the recommendation of the special, unavoidable circumstance appeals board and any other information that the superintendent deems relevant, the superintendent of public instruction shall decide, based on the criteria established in subsection (6) of this section, whether to:
(a) Grant the appeal and waive the requirement that a student earn a certificate to graduate;
(b) Deny the appeal and not waive the certificate; or
(c) Remand the appeal back to the appeals board for further information or deliberation.
(8) The superintendent of public instruction shall act upon the student's application and notify the student, the student's school principal or designee, and the school district assessment coordinator whether the application was approved or denied within thirty days of receiving the recommendation from the certificate appeals review board. The timeline for acting on the application recommendation may be extended if additional information is required from the student or the school district.
(9) If approved, the student's transcript shall indicate that the applicable content area assessment was waived.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.655.065 and 28A.655.061. WSR 16-20-055, § 392-501-602, filed 9/30/16, effective 10/31/16; WSR 15-04-083, § 392-501-602, filed 2/2/15, effective 3/5/15. Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.665.065 [28A.655.065], 28A.665.061 [28A.655.061], 28A.155.045. WSR 10-01-053, § 392-501-602, filed 12/9/09, effective 1/9/10. Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.655.061 and 28A.655.065. WSR 07-13-035, § 392-501-602, filed 6/13/07, effective 7/22/07.]
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