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PDFWAC 392-344-108

Condition precedent to approval to bid.

Any project for which the superintendent of public instruction authorizes a district to open bids pursuant to WAC 392-344-107 shall request an authorization for contract award pursuant to WAC 392-344-110 within ninety calendar days of receipt of approval pursuant to WAC 392-344-107: Provided, That the ninety-day period shall be automatically extended for an additional ninety calendar days if:
(1) The lowest legally acceptable base bid, exclusive of alternates, received by a district exceeds the cost estimate submitted to the superintendent of public instruction pursuant to WAC 392-344-085 by ten percent or more; and
(2) Prior to the expiration on or after June 15, 1989, of the initial ninety-day period the district has rejected, or hereafter rejects, all bids in order to solicit new bids.
A district which fails to request an authorization for contract award pursuant to WAC 392-344-110 within the time period allowed by this section shall have its authority to proceed withdrawn. Districts with such projects withdrawn may reinitiate an application for state funding assistance by first reapplying for project approval pursuant to WAC 392-341-040.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.525.020. WSR 10-09-008, § 392-344-108, filed 4/8/10, effective 5/9/10; WSR 06-16-032, amended and recodified as § 392-344-108, filed 7/25/06, effective 8/25/06. Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.47.830. WSR 89-22-008, § 180-29-108, filed 10/20/89, effective 11/20/89; WSR 85-24-047 (Order 24-85), § 180-29-108, filed 11/27/85.]
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