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PDFWAC 392-184-020

Reentry to common schools—Education center student.

A common school dropout of common school age who has attended a certified education center shall be entitled to reenroll in the common school system. In addition, any such student shall be entitled to be placed at the class level in which he or she would have been but for having dropped out and to graduate with the class, notwithstanding any loss of credits prior to reentry, if each of the following conditions is met:
(1) The student has attended a certificated education center for no less than ninety, sixty minute instructional hours;
(2) The student has reenrolled in the common school system no later than the commencement of the next regular school year semester or trimester, as the case may be, following his or her last day of attendance at a certified education center;
(3) The student possesses the ability to perform academically at a passing level at the grade level of placement as determined pursuant to WAC 392-184-025;
(4) The student has earned credits following his or her reentry at the normal rate;
(5) The student has been enrolled at least two of the three grades nine through eleven at a common school or approved private school, or a combination of both; and
(6) The student has commenced and satisfactorily completed his or her last full school year immediately preceding high school graduation at a public high school, or a combination of public high schools.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.205.101 - [28A.205.]090. WSR 93-23-037 (Order 93-23), § 392-184-020, filed 11/10/93, effective 12/11/93. Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.97.030. WSR 84-05-026 (Order 84-5), § 392-184-020, filed 2/14/84.]
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