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PDFWAC 392-172A-05030

Investigation of the complaint and decision.

(1) Upon receipt of a properly filed complaint, the OSPI shall send a copy of the complaint to the school district or other agency for their investigation of the alleged violations. A complaint against OSPI shall be investigated pursuant to WAC 392-172A-05040.
(2) The OSPI will provide the complainant the opportunity to submit additional information, either orally or in writing, about the allegations contained in the complaint. If the additional information contains new information, the OSPI may, in its discretion, either notify the district of the additional issues or inform the parent of the option to open a new complaint.
(3) The school district or other agency shall respond in writing to the OSPI with documentation of the investigation, no later than seventeen calendar days after the date of receipt of the complaint.
(4) The response to the OSPI shall clearly state whether:
(a) The allegations contained in the complaint are denied and the basis for such denial; or
(b) The allegations are admitted and with proposed reasonable corrective action(s) deemed necessary to correct the violation.
(5) The OSPI will provide the complainant a copy of the school district's or other agency's response to the complaint and provide the complainant an opportunity to reply. If the complainant is not authorized to review personally identifiable information, that information will not be provided to the complainant.
(6) Upon review of all relevant information including, if necessary, information obtained through an independent on-site investigation by the OSPI, the OSPI will make an independent determination as to whether the school district or other public agency has or is violating a requirement of Part B of the act, the federal regulations implementing the act, this chapter, or whether the public agency is not implementing a mediation or resolution agreement.
(7) The OSPI shall issue a written decision to the complainant that addresses each allegation in the complaint including findings of fact, conclusions, and the reasons for the decision. The decision will be issued within sixty days after receipt of the complaint unless:
(a) Exceptional circumstances related to the complaint require an extension; or
(b) The complainant and school district or other agency agrees in writing to extend the time to use mediation or an alternative dispute resolution method.
(8) If the OSPI finds a violation, the decision will include any necessary corrective action to be undertaken and any documentation to be provided to ensure that the corrective action is completed. If the decision is that a school district or other public agency has failed to provide appropriate services, the decision will address:
(a) How to remediate the failure to provide those services, including, as appropriate, compensatory education, monetary reimbursement, or other corrective action appropriate to the needs of the student; and
(b) Appropriate future provision of services for all students eligible for special education services.
(9) Corrective action ordered by OSPI must be completed within the timelines established in the written decision, unless another time period is established through an extension of the timeline. If compliance by a school district or other public agency is not achieved pursuant to subsection (8) of this section, the OSPI will initiate fund withholding, fund recovery, or any other sanction deemed appropriate.
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