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PDFWAC 392-151-045

Duties of patrol supervisor.

Duties of a school patrol supervisor shall include:
(1) Being knowledgeable in all areas of the school patrol.
(2) Selection of school patrol members according to school policy.
(3) Instruction and training of all school patrol members and officers in their respective duties.
(4) Hold regular meetings of the school patrol for the purpose of instruction in safety practices and discussions concerning infractions of rules.
(5) Instruction in traffic rules and regulations shall be given to all children attending the school. Written rules and regulations shall be distributed to parents/guardians and students.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.61.385. WSR 19-01-058, § 392-151-045, filed 12/14/18, effective 1/14/19; WSR 91-15-016, § 392-151-045, filed 7/10/91, effective 8/10/91; Order 7-75, § 392-151-045, filed 12/22/75. Formerly WAC 392-24-250 (part).]
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