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PDFWAC 392-151-030

Controlled crossings.

(1) School patrol controlled crossings shall not be operated unless proper traffic control devices are in place as depicted in Washington state department of transportation, Sign Fabrication Manual and Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, as now or hereafter amended. As a minimum, these shall consist of:
(a) School crossing warning signs S1-1 and S2-1.
(b) Marked crosswalks.
(c) School speed limit sign.
(2) Contact shall be made by school authorities with the governmental agency having jurisdiction over the street or highway in question in order to secure the necessary signs.
(3) Where conditions are such that a patrol member cannot be seen at least as far away as the safe stopping distance for the legal speed at the location, one of the following procedures shall be carried out:
(a) Select a safer location for the crossing at which the patrol is to serve.
(b) Cooperatively evaluate the condition with traffic authorities having jurisdiction for the purpose of developing possible alternative measures.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.61.385. WSR 19-01-058, § 392-151-030, filed 12/14/18, effective 1/14/19; WSR 96-22-057 (Order 96-17), § 392-151-030, filed 11/1/96, effective 12/2/96; Order 7-75, § 392-151-030, filed 12/22/75. Formerly WAC 392-24-240.]
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