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PDFWAC 392-145-041

Pretrip and posttrip requirements.

The following are requirements to assure safety and security of the school bus during operation:
(1) Motor fuel shall not be put into the tank while the engine is running or while passengers are on the school bus. School bus drivers, prior to commencement of any trip, shall assure that the school bus has sufficient fuel to prevent the school bus from running out of fuel.
(2) School bus drivers, prior to commencement of any trip, shall assure that the mirrors, windshield and rear window(s) of the school bus are clean.
(3) Prior to commencement of and during any trip, with passengers aboard, every school bus driver shall ensure there are no articles in the following areas that could impede normal movement, visibility, or emergency egress: The service entrance step well; the entire main aisle from front to rear; the aisles or passage ways to any emergency door; the entire shelf area between the rearmost passenger seats and the rear emergency window (if so equipped).
(4) Tools and other miscellaneous articles shall be carried in appropriate compartments. They shall not be carried loose upon the floor or dashboard area of the school bus.
(5) School bus drivers shall be certain that all brakes, lights, stop signs, warning signal lamps, and other safety devices are working properly before starting on any trip and shall assure that the school bus is equipped with a fully stocked first-aid kit, three reflective triangles, a body fluid clean-up kit and a fire extinguisher certified to be in good working order.
(6) School bus drivers shall check the latch, safety lock, and warning system for all emergency exits prior to each trip and no school bus shall be operated with passengers aboard unless all the emergency exits are functioning properly.
(7) At the end of each trip or route segment, the school bus driver shall thoroughly check the school bus to ensure that no students are left on the school bus. Additionally, the school bus driver shall take reasonable action to ensure that any articles left behind by students are safe, secure, and dealt with according to district policy.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.61.380. WSR 16-10-114, § 392-145-041, filed 5/4/16, effective 9/1/16; WSR 07-05-058, § 392-145-041, filed 2/20/07, effective 11/1/07.]
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