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PDFWAC 391-95-130

Escrow of disputed funds.

Funds at issue in a nonassociation proceeding under this chapter shall be kept separate while the case remains pending before the commission. Upon being served with a copy of a petition filed under WAC 391-95-070 concerning employees asserting the right of nonassociation under RCW 28B.52.045, 41.56.113, 41.56.122, 41.59.100, or 41.76.045, the employer shall preserve the status quo by withholding and retaining the disputed dues for periods during the pendency of the proceedings before the commission. Funds held in escrow shall draw interest at the rate provided by commercial banks for regular passbook savings accounts. While the proceedings remain pending before the commission, the employer shall not honor or otherwise act upon any request for discharge or other action against the affected employee based on the employee's union security obligations. This section shall be applicable to employees covered by chapter 41.56 RCW only upon the employee submitting to the employer a signed authorization for the deduction and escrow of disputed funds.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.52.080, 41.56.090, 41.58.050, 41.59.110, 41.76.060. WSR 08-04-058, § 391-95-130, filed 1/31/08, effective 4/1/08. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.52.080, 41.56.090, 41.59.110, 41.58.050, 28B.52.045, 41.56.122 and 41.59.100. WSR 00-14-048, § 391-95-130, filed 6/30/00, effective 8/1/00; WSR 90-06-075, § 391-95-130, filed 3/7/90, effective 4/7/90. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.52.080, 41.56.040, 41.58.050, 41.59.110 and 47.64.040. WSR 81-02-034 (Order 81-01), § 391-95-130, filed 1/6/81.]
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