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PDFWAC 391-25-674

Special provision—Marine employees.

If there are objections under WAC 391-25-590 or an order is appealed under WAC 391-25-660 involving employees covered by chapter 47.64 RCW, the marine employees' commission shall act in place of the commission, and the entire record in the proceedings shall be transmitted to the marine employees' commission members. The marine employees' commission may request the parties to appear before it to make oral arguments as to any or all of the issues in the matter. The marine employees' commission shall determine the objections or appeal and any challenged ballots referred to the marine employees' commission pursuant to WAC 391-25-510, and shall issue appropriate orders.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.58.050 and 41.58.065. WSR 12-05-066, § 391-25-674, filed 2/15/12, effective 3/17/12.]
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