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PDFWAC 391-25-510

Challenged ballots.

Any observer or the election officer may challenge, for good cause, the eligibility of any person seeking to cast a ballot in the election. No person shall be denied the right to cast a challenged ballot. The election officer shall not have authority to resolve challenges, and the ballot of the challenged voter shall be placed in a sealed envelope identifying the voter and the observer or election officer challenging the eligibility of the voter. The ballot shall not be opened until the challenge is resolved. Any party may withdraw a challenge previously made and, unless the eligibility of the voter is challenged by another party or by the election officer, the challenge shall be resolved. If the challenged ballots are insufficient in number to affect the results of the election, they shall be impounded and no ruling shall be made. If the challenged ballots are sufficient in number to affect the results of the election, the election officer shall ascertain the position of each party as to each challenged ballot and shall include the information in his or her report. If challenges raise material questions of fact which cannot be resolved without a hearing, there shall be issued and served on each of the parties a notice of hearing before a hearing officer. The rules relating to the conduct of hearings on petitions shall govern hearings on challenges, except that the scope of the hearing shall be limited to matters relevant to the disposition of the challenged ballots. The executive director shall have authority to rule on all challenges except those made by a party to preserve an objection to a ruling previously made by the executive director as to the eligibility of the challenged voter. If challenges of a type excepted from the authority of the executive director are sufficient in number to affect the results of the election, the matter shall be transferred to the commission for its determination under the provisions of WAC 391-25-670.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.52.080, 41.56.090, 41.59.110, 41.58.050, 28B.52.030, 41.56.060 and 41.59.070. WSR 01-14-009, § 391-25-510, filed 6/22/01, effective 8/1/01; WSR 96-07-105, § 391-25-510, filed 3/20/96, effective 4/20/96. Statutory Authority: RCW 41.58.050, 28B.52.080, 41.56.090, 41.59.110 and 41.56.040. WSR 90-06-072, § 391-25-510, filed 3/7/90, effective 4/7/90. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.52.080, 41.56.040, 41.58.050, 41.59.110 and 47.64.040. WSR 80-14-046 (Order 80-5), § 391-25-510, filed 9/30/80, effective 11/1/80.]
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