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PDFWAC 391-25-230

Election agreements.

Where an employer and all other parties agree on a representation election, they may enter into an election agreement.
(1) An election agreement shall include:
(a) The name, address, and telephone number of the employer and the name, address, telephone number, fax number, and email address of its principal representative;
(b) The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all other parties participating in the election agreement and the names, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses of their principal representatives;
(c) A description of the bargaining unit agreed to be appropriate, specifying inclusions and exclusions, and the number of employees in the unit;
(d) A statement by the parties that no organization is known which is or may be entitled to intervene as an incumbent representative, or the incumbent representative is a party to the election agreement, or the incumbent representative has abandoned the unit as evidenced by documentation attached to the election agreement;
(e) A statement that no other organization is known which claims to represent any of the employees in the bargaining unit; that the parties agree that a question concerning representation exists; that a hearing is waived; and that the agency is requested to proceed to conduct an election and certify the results;
(f) A list containing the names of the employees eligible to vote in the election and the eligibility cut-off date for the election. If the election is to be conducted by mail ballot, the list shall include the last known address of each of the employees eligible to vote. If no eligibility cut-off date is specified by the parties, the eligibility cut-off date shall be the date on which the election agreement is filed;
(g) The suggestions of the parties as to the arrangements for conducting the election; and
(h) The names, signatures and, if any, titles of all parties or their representatives, and the date of the signatures.
(2) An election agreement shall be filed at the commission's Olympia office as required by WAC 391-08-120(1), and copies shall be posted by the employer in conspicuous places on the employer's premises where notices to affected employees are usually posted. The election agreement shall remain posted for at least seven days after it is filed with the agency.
(3) Upon the filing of an election agreement, the executive director or designee shall determine whether the proposed bargaining unit is, on its face, an appropriate bargaining unit under the applicable statute, and whether other conditions precedent to an election are met. The agency shall proceed to conduct an election, if appropriate, or shall notify the parties of the reasons for rejection of the election agreement.
(4) Objections to the election by a party to the election agreement shall be limited to matters relating to specific conduct affecting the results of the election.
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