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PDFWAC 390-28-090

Hearing to modify reportingRequired findings.

(1) The commission or presiding officer, after a hearing, as provided in these rules, may suspend the applicable reporting requirement of chapter 42.17A RCW if the commission or presiding officer finds that the literal application of such requirement works a manifestly unreasonable hardship in the case under consideration and if it also finds that such suspension or modification will not frustrate the purposes of the act. The commission or presiding officer must suspend or modify such reporting requirement or requirements only to the extent necessary to substantially relieve such hardship, and only upon clear and convincing proof to support such claim.
(2) The commission or presiding officer may approve a modification for the length of an elected official's term of office, or up to three years for an executive state officer. If the commission has approved a modification for more than one year, and there is a material change in the applicant's circumstances or relevant information after the initial year, then the applicant must request a modification at least one month prior to the next filing deadline (rather than at the conclusion of the approval period).
(3) The commission or presiding officer may apply a modification retroactively to previously filed reports. In such cases, the previously reported information of the kind that is no longer being reported is confidential and exempt from public disclosure under this chapter and chapter 42.56 RCW.
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