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PDFWAC 390-28-040

Hearing to modify reportingPrehearing procedure and requirements.

(1) An applicant must electronically submit with the commission a request for a hearing for suspension or modification of reporting requirements, unless the executive director makes an exception for an applicant who lacks the technological ability to file reports electronically. An applicant requesting a modification regarding a report filed annually including, but not limited to, the statement of financial affairs, should submit the application at least forty-five days before the report is due so that action on the request can be completed before the filing deadline.
(2) The request must contain (a) the required report completed to the extent possible, (b) a statement of reasons why the reporting of required information would cause a manifestly unreasonable hardship, with as much detail as possible, and (c) any relevant evidence regarding the request. (A general statement, such as "violates right of privacy" will not be deemed as sufficient compliance with this requirement.) The applicant is encouraged to also include a proposed modification to the required reporting which, in the applicant's opinion, will relieve the perceived hardship.
(3) The submission of a request for modification does not suspend the reporting requirement of any portion of chapter 42.17A RCW. The reporting obligation remains in effect unless the commission grants the request pursuant to a hearing.
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