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PDFWAC 390-14-015

Public records officer.

(1) The commission's public records officer is responsible for implementing the commission's rules regarding release of public records, coordinating the staff of the commission in this regard, and insuring the agency's compliance with the public records disclosure requirements of chapter 42.56 RCW. In fulfilling these responsibilities, the public records officer may contact you to confirm receipt of your request. Depending upon the nature of the request, the public records officer may also do any of the following: Contact you to clarify your request, if needed, and let you know whether the records will be provided in one or more installments; contact you to provide you an estimate of time for further response; notify other persons or agencies of your request; oversee the search for potentially responsive records and the review of whether any information in the records may be exempt from disclosure; make arrangements with you for inspection, copying, payment, and pickup or delivery of the records; or deny your request.
(2) You may contact the public records officer through any of the following means:
• By email at;
• In writing at P.O. Box 40908, 711 Capitol Way, Room 206, Evergreen Plaza Building, Olympia, Washington 98504-0908;
• By facsimile at 360-753-1112;
• By telephone at 360-753-1111, toll-free 1-877-601-2828.
(3) The name of the current public records officer is on file with the code reviser in accordance with RCW 42.56.580 and is published in the Washington State Register which is available online at
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