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PDFWAC 388-96-777

Add-ons to the prospective rate—Initiated by the department.

(1) The department shall initiate all rate add-ons granted under this section. Contractors may not request and be approved a rate add-on under this section.
(2) Rate add-ons the department grants under the authority of this section shall be for costs to implement:
(a) Program changes that the director of residential care services, aging and adult services administration determines a rate add-on is necessary to accomplish the purpose of the change and announces same in a written directive to the chief of the office of rates management; or
(b) Changes in either the state or federal statutes or regulations or directives that the director of management services, aging and adult services administration determines requires a rate add-on to implement and directs in writing the chief of the office of rates management to implement.
(3) Changes made under this section are subject to review under WAC 388-96-901 and 388-96-904; provided, the issue is not whether a rate add-on should have been granted.
(4) If the contractor does not use the funds for the purpose for which they were granted, the department shall immediately recoup the misspent or unused funds.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.46.800. WSR 01-12-037, § 388-96-777, filed 5/29/01, effective 6/29/01; WSR 94-12-043 (Order 3737), § 388-96-777, filed 5/26/94, effective 6/26/94.]
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