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PDFWAC 388-96-771


(1) If the nursing home is providing care to recipients of state medical assistance, the receiver shall:
(a) Become the medicaid contractor for the duration of the receivership period;
(b) Assume all reporting responsibilities for new contractors;
(c) Assume all other responsibilities for new contractors set forth in this chapter; and
(d) Be responsible for the refund of medicaid rate payments in excess of costs during the period of receivership.
(2) In establishing the prospective rate during receivership the department shall consider:
(a) Compensation, if any, ordered by the court for the receiver. Such compensation may already be available to the receiver through the rate as follows:
(i) Financing allowance and variable return component rate allocations, or
(ii) The administrator's salary in the case of facilities where the receiver is also the administrator.
If these existing sources of compensation are less than what was ordered by the court, additional costs may be allowed in the rate up to the compensation amount ordered by the court.
(b) Start up costs and costs of repairs, replacements, and additional staff needed for patient health, security, and welfare. To the extent such costs can be covered through the financing allowance and the variable return component rate allocations, no additional moneys will be added to the rate;
(c) Any other allowable costs as set forth in this chapter.
(3)(a) Upon order of the court, the department shall provide emergency or transitional financial assistance to a receiver not to exceed thirty thousand dollars.
(b) The department shall recover any emergency or transitional expenditure made by the department on behalf of a nursing home not certified to participate in the medicaid Title XIX program from revenue generated by the facility which is not obligated to the operation of the facility.
(c) In order to help recover an emergency or transitional expenditure, regardless of whether the facility is certified to participate in the medicaid Title XIX program or not, the department may:
(i) File an action against the former licensee or owner at the time the expenditure is made to recover such expenditure; or
(ii) File a lien on the facility or on the proceeds of the sale of the facility.
(4) If recommendations on receiver's compensation are solicited from the department by the court, the department shall consider the following:
(a) The range of compensation for nursing home managers;
(b) Experience and training of the receiver;
(c) The size, location, and current condition of the facility;
(d) Any additional factors deemed appropriate by the department.
(5) When the receivership terminates, the department may revise the nursing home's medicaid reimbursement. The medicaid reimbursement rate for:
(a) The former owner or licensee shall be what it was before receivership, unless the former owner or licensee requests prospective rate revisions from the department as set forth in this chapter; and
(b) Licensed replacement operators shall be determined consistent with rules governing prospective reimbursement rates for new contractors as set forth in this chapter.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 74.46 RCW, 1999 c 376 § 3 amending c 309 § 207. WSR 99-24-084, § 388-96-771, filed 11/30/99, effective 12/31/99. Statutory Authority: RCW 79.09.120 [74.09.120] and 74.46.800. WSR 90-09-061 (Order 2970), § 388-96-771, filed 4/17/90, effective 5/18/90. Statutory Authority: RCW 74.09.120. WSR 88-06-085 (Order 2602), § 388-96-771, filed 3/2/88.]
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