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PDFWAC 388-96-759

Standards for low-wage worker add-on.

(1) In accordance with WAC 388-96-758, the low-wage worker add-on must be used to provide increases in wages or benefits, or to address resulting wage compression beginning on or after the date on which the add-on is first included in the rate. The low-wage worker add-on may be used to increase staffing levels for certified nurse aides only. Nursing home contractors receiving the low-wage add-on may not use it to pay for increases for time periods that they were not receiving the low wage worker add-on.
(2) Any type of traditional employee benefit is allowable. Such benefits typically fall in one of two categories: Retirement and life or health insurance. However, nontraditional benefits are also allowable (for example, wellness benefits, subsidized meals, or assistance with daycare).
(3) The employer's share of payroll taxes associated with wages and benefits may be covered with the add-on.
(4) For purposes of wage compression, an "immediately affected" job class is one that is related to the low-wage worker category, either in the organizational structure (for example, it supervises the low-wage worker category) or by existing practice (for example, the facility has a benchmark of paying that job class a certain percentage more than the low-wage worker category). Facilities must be able to explain the basis of the relationship if requested. Because the statute refers to "resulting wage compression," a facility must use a portion of the add-on to increase wages or benefits before it may use any of the add-on to address any wage compression caused by such increase.
(5) A facility may use the add-on in relation to any of the job categories listed in WAC 388-96-758, regardless of whether the average wage it pays to its own employees is above fifteen dollars per hour, either before or after including the additional wages funded by the add-on.
(6) Wages or benefits, including employee bonuses, otherwise properly paid with the add on will not be considered as unallowable costs under RCW 74.46.410 (2)(x).
(7) The low-wage worker add-on payments calculated in accordance with WAC 388-96-758 and this section must be adjusted to the extent necessary to comply with RCW 74.46.421.
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