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PDFWAC 388-96-375

Resident personal funds control/disbursement.

Personal funds shall be held and used for the benefit of the resident and are not to be turned over to anyone other than the resident or the resident's guardian without the written consent of the resident, the resident's designated agent as appointed by power of attorney, or appropriate department of social and health services personnel as designated by the CSO administrator.
(1) When money is received, a receipt shall be filled out in duplicate:
(a) One copy shall be given to the person making payment or deposit; and
(b) The other copy shall be retained in the receipt book for easy reference.
(2) Checks received by residents shall be endorsed by the resident. Schedule I-A(6e) of the agreement states in part: "Each patient receiving a check or state warrant is responsible for endorsement by his own signature. Only when the patient is incapable of signing his name may the Provider assume the responsibility of securing the patient's mark "X" followed by the name of the patient and the signature of two witnesses."
(3) If both a facility operating account and a resident personal fund account are at the same bank, the resident portion of checks which include care payments can be deposited directly to the resident account by including a resident account deposit slip for the correct amount with the checks and the operating account deposit slip.
(4) The resident's ledger sheet shall be credited with the allowance received. This shall be referenced with the receipt number and shall be supported by a copy of the deposit slip (one copy for all deposits made).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.46.800, 74.42.620 and 74.09.120. WSR 90-20-075 (Order 3070), § 388-96-375, filed 9/28/90, effective 10/1/90. Statutory Authority: RCW 74.09.120. WSR 82-21-025 (Order 1892), § 388-96-375, filed 10/13/82; Order 1168, § 388-96-375, filed 11/3/76; Order 1114, § 388-96-375, filed 4/21/76.]
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