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PDFWAC 388-96-372

The nursing facility may maintain a petty cash fund originating from resident personal funds of an amount reasonable and necessary for the size of the facility and the needs of the residents.

(1) This petty cash fund shall be an imprest fund limited to one thousand dollars unless the facility demonstrates good cause for the department to grant a higher limit. All moneys over and above the petty cash limit shall be deposited intact in an interest bearing account or accounts maintained for resident personal funds, separate and apart from any other bank account of the facility or other facilities. All interest earned on an account containing resident personal funds shall be credited to such account.
(2) Cash deposits of recipient allowances must be made intact to the resident personal fund account within one week from the time that payment is received from the department, Social Security Administration, or other payer.
(3) Any related bankbooks, bank statements, checkbook, check register, and all voided and cancelled checks, shall be made available for audit and inspection by a department representative, and shall be maintained by the home for not less than four years.
(4) No service charges for such checking account shall be paid by residents or deducted from resident personal funds.
(5) The resident personal fund account or accounts per bank shall be reconciled monthly to the resident personal funds per resident ledgers.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.46.431 (11) and (12), 74.46.800, chapter 74.46 RCW, 2004 c 276 § 913, 2001 1st sp.s. c 8. WSR 04-21-027, § 388-96-372, filed 10/13/04, effective 11/13/04. Statutory Authority: RCW 74.46.800, 74.42.620 and 74.09.120. WSR 90-20-075 (Order 3070), § 388-96-372, filed 9/28/90, effective 10/1/90. Statutory Authority: RCW 74.09.120. WSR 83-19-047 (Order 2025), § 388-96-372, filed 9/16/83; Order 1114, § 388-96-372, filed 4/21/76.]
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