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PDFWAC 388-875-0030

Evaluation & treatment.

(1) The secretary designates to the administration the responsibility for:
(a) Evaluation and treatment of any person committed to the secretary for evaluation or treatment, under chapter 10.77 RCW; and
(b) Determination of which treatment facility must have custody of the persons committed to the secretary under chapter 10.77 RCW.
(2) The secretary designates to the office the responsibility for:
(a) Assisting the court in obtaining nondepartmental experts or professional persons to participate in the evaluation or a hearing on behalf of the defendant and providing quality standards in addition to compensating such professionals, according to payment schedule published under WAC 388-875-0040 if the person being evaluated or treated is an indigent person;
(b) Ensuring that any nondepartmental expert or professional person requesting compensation has maintained adequate evaluation and treatment records, as determined by the office, which justify compensation;
(c) Assisting the court by designation of experts or professional persons to examine the defendant and report to the court when the defendant is not committed to the secretary; and
(d) Assisting the court by designating an expert or professional person who is a developmental disabilities professional to examine the defendant if the court is advised by any party that the defendant may be developmentally disabled.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 10.77 RCW, RCW 72.01.090, 70.02.290, 70.02.340, 71.05.560, 71.24.035 (5)(c), and 71.34.380. WSR 19-11-055, § 388-875-0030, filed 5/13/19, effective 6/13/19. Statutory Authority: Chapter 10.77 RCW. WSR 01-01-008, amended and recodified as § 388-875-0030, filed 12/6/00, effective 1/6/01. Statutory Authority: RCW 72.01.090. WSR 79-03-038 (Order 1373), § 275-59-030, filed 3/1/79; Order 846, § 275-59-030, filed 8/9/73.]
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