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PDFWAC 388-845-2100

What are supported employment services?

(1) Supported employment services are for those interested in integrated gainful employment and should facilitate paid employment that is covered by the Washington State Minimum Wage Act under chapter 49.46 RCW and the Fair Labor Standards Act under 29 U.S.C. Section 201. These services provide you with intensive ongoing support if you need individualized assistance to gain employment, maintain employment, or both. These services are tailored to your individual needs, interests, abilities, and promote your career development. These services are provided in individual or group settings and are available in the basic plus, core, and community protection waivers.
(2) Individual supported employment services include activities needed to sustain Washington state's minimum wage pay or higher. These services are conducted in integrated business environments and include the following:
(a) Intake: An initial meeting to gather and share basic information and a general overview of employment supports, resources in the community, and the type of available supports that the individual may receive;
(b) Discovery: A person-centered approach to learn the individual's likes and dislikes, job preferences, and employment goals and skills;
(c) Job preparation: Includes activities of work readiness resume development, work experience, volunteer support transportation training;
(d) Marketing: A method to identify and negotiate jobs, build relationships with employers, and customize employment development;
(e) Job coaching: The supports needed to keep the job; and
(f) Job retention: The supports needed to keep the job, maintain a relationship with employer, identify opportunities, and negotiate a raise in pay, promotion, or increased benefits.
(3) Group supported employment services are a step on your pathway toward gainful employment in an integrated setting and include:
(a) Supports and paid training in an integrated business setting;
(b) Supervision by a qualified employment provider during working hours;
(c) Groupings of no more than eight workers with disabilities; and
(d) Individualized supports to obtain gainful employment.
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