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PDFWAC 388-845-1800

What are specialized medical equipment and supplies?

(1) Specialized medical equipment and supplies are durable and nondurable medical equipment, or equipment necessary to prevent institutionalization, not available through the medicaid state plan or are in excess of what is available through the medicaid state plan benefit which enables individuals:
(a) To increase their abilities to perform their activities of daily living;
(b) To perceive, control, or communicate with the environment in which they live; or
(c) On the IFS waiver only, to improve daily functioning through sensory integration when prescribed in a written therapeutic plan by the current treating professional.
(2) Durable medical equipment and medical supplies are defined in WAC 182-543-1000 and 182-543-5500 respectively.
(3) Also included are items necessary for life support and ancillary supplies and equipment necessary to the proper functioning of the equipment and supplies described in subsection (1) of this section.
(4) Specialized medical equipment and supplies include the maintenance and repair of specialized medical equipment not covered through the medicaid state plan.
(5) Specialized medical equipment and supplies are available in all DDA HCBS waivers.
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