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PDFWAC 388-845-0501

What is included in positive behavior support and consultation for the children's intensive in-home behavioral support (CIIBS) waiver?

(1) In addition to the definition in WAC 388-845-0500, positive behavior support and consultation in the children's intensive in-home behavioral support (CIIBS) waiver must include:
(a) Treatments that are evidence based, driven by individual outcome data, and consistent with DDA's positive behavior support guidelines as outlined in contract;
(b) Objective and measurable treatment goals that decrease challenging behaviors and increase skills that promote quality of life for the child and family;
(c) Behavioral support strategies individualized and coordinated across all environments, such as home, school, and community, in order to promote a consistent approach among all involved persons; and
(d) The following components developed with the child, family, and a behavior specialist under WAC 388-845-0506:
(i) A functional behavioral assessment; and
(ii) A positive behavior support plan based on the functional behavioral assessment.
(2) Positive behavior support and consultation in the CIIBS waiver may include:
(a) Positive behavior support plans implemented by a behavioral technician under WAC 388-845-0506, which may include 1:1 behavior interventions and skill development activity;
(b) Recommendations from a music therapist under WAC 388-845-2005; and
(c) Recommendations from a recreation therapist under WAC 388-845-2005.
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