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PDFWAC 388-845-0055

How do I remain eligible for the waiver?

(1) Once you are enrolled in a DDA HCBS waiver, you can remain eligible if you continue to meet eligibility criteria in WAC 388-845-0030, and:
(a) You complete a reassessment with DDA at least once every twelve months to determine if you continue to meet all of these eligibility requirements;
(b) You must either receive a waiver service at least once in every thirty consecutive days, as specified in WAC 182-513-1320(3), or your health and welfare needs require monthly monitoring, which will be documented in your client record;
(c) You complete an in-person DDA assessment/reassessment interview per WAC 388-828-1520.
(2) For the children's intensive in-home behavioral supports waiver, you must meet the criteria in subsection (1) of this section and you must:
(a) Be under age twenty-one;
(b) Live with your family;
(c) Have an annual participation agreement signed by your parent/guardian(s) and primary caregiver(s), if other than parent/guardian(s); and
(d) Continue to participate in the program as outlined in the annual participation agreement.
(3) For the individual and family services waiver, you must meet the criteria in subsection (1) of this section and live in your family home.
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