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PDFWAC 388-835-0335

What general requirements apply to accounting for resident trust accounts?

(1) A provider must establish and maintain a bookkeeping system for all resident money received by the facility on behalf of the resident.
(2) This system must be incorporated into the facility's business records and be capable of being audited.
(3) The bookkeeping system must apply to residents that are:
(a) Incapable of handling their money and whose guardian, relative, DDA regional service office administrator, or physician requests in writing that the facility accept this responsibility. (If the Social Security Form SSA-780, "Certificate of Applicant for Benefits on Behalf of Another," is used as documentation, it must be signed by one of the persons designated in this subsection.)
(b) Capable of handling their own money, but they ask the facility, in writing, to accept this responsibility for them.
(4) It is the facility's responsibility to maintain written authorization requests in a resident's file.
(5) A resident must be given at least a quarterly reporting of all financial transactions affecting their account. The resident's representative payee, guardian and/or other designated agents must be sent a copy of this quarterly report or any other reports related to the resident's account.
(6) Facilities must purchase surety bonds, or otherwise provide assurances or security satisfactory to DSHS, that assures the security of all resident personal funds deposited with them.
(7) Facilities may not require residents to deposit personal funds with them. A facility may hold a resident's personal funds only if the resident or resident's guardian gives written authorization to do so.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 71A.12.030 and 44.04.280. WSR 15-09-069, § 388-835-0335, filed 4/15/15, effective 5/16/15. Statutory Authority: RCW 71A.20.140. WSR 01-10-013, § 388-835-0335, filed 4/20/01, effective 5/21/01.]
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