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PDFWAC 388-825-325

What are required skills and abilities for individuals and agencies contracted to provide community first choice services, medicaid personal care, respite care, or attendant care services?

(1) As a provider of community first choice services, medicaid personal care, respite care, or attendant care services, you must be able to:
(a) Adequately maintain records of services performed and payments received;
(b) Read and understand the person's service plan. Translation services may be used if needed;
(c) Be kind and caring to the DSHS client for whom services are authorized;
(d) Identify problem situations and take the necessary action;
(e) Respond to emergencies without direct supervision;
(f) Understand the way your employer wants you to do things and carry out instructions;
(g) Work independently;
(h) Be dependable and responsible;
(i) Know when and how to contact the client's representative and the client's case resource manager;
(j) Participate in any quality assurance reviews required by DSHS;
(2) If you are working with an adult client of DSHS as a provider of attendant care, you must also:
(a) Be knowledgeable about the person's preferences regarding the care provided;
(b) Know the resources in the community the person prefers to use and enable the person to use them;
(c) Know who the person's friends are and enable the person to see those friends; and
(d) Enable the person to keep in touch with his/her family as preferred by the person.
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