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PDFWAC 388-825-320

How does a person become an individual provider?

In order to become an individual provider, a person must:
(1) Be eighteen years of age or older.
(2) Provide the social worker/case manager/designee with:
(a) Picture identification; and
(b) A Social Security card.
(3) Complete and submit to the social worker/case manager/designee the department's criminal conviction background inquiry application, unless the provider is also the parent of the adult DDD client and exempted, per chapter 74.15 RCW.
(a) Preliminary results may require a thumbprint for identification purposes.
(b) An FBI fingerprint-based background check is required if the person has lived in the state of Washington less than three years.
(4) Provide references as requested.
(5) Complete orientation, if contracting as an individual provider.
(6) Sign a service provider contract to provide services to a DDD client.
(7) Meet additional requirements in WAC 388-825-355.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 71A.12.30 [71A.12.030] and Title 71A RCW. WSR 07-23-062, § 388-825-320, filed 11/16/07, effective 12/17/07. Statutory Authority: RCW 71A.12.030, 71A.12.120. WSR 05-17-135, § 388-825-320, filed 8/19/05, effective 9/19/05.]
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