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PDFWAC 388-825-058

What services does DDA authorize?

(1) DDA authorizes the following paid services:
(a) Adult day care.
(b) Assistive technology.
(c) Attendant care.
(d) Bed bug extermination.
(e) Behavior support treatment team.
(f) Caregiver management.
(g) Child development services.
(h) Child placing agency.
(i) Community engagement.
(j) Community inclusion.
(k) Community transition or sustainability services.
(l) Community/recreational activities.
(m) Copays for medical and therapeutic services.
(n) County services.
(o) Crisis stabilization.
(p) Durable medical equipment.
(q) Employment technical assistance add-on.
(r) Environmental adaptations.
(s) Equine therapy.
(t) Excess medical costs not covered by another source.
(u) Family and provider support.
(v) Group supported employment.
(w) Individual employment.
(x) Music therapy.
(y) Nonmedical equipment.
(z) Nurse consultation.
(a)(a) Nurse delegation.
(b)(b) Occupational therapy.
(c)(c) Overnight planned respite for adults.
(d)(d) Parent and sibling education.
(e)(e) Peer mentoring.
(f)(f) Personal emergency response system.
(g)(g) Personal care.
(h)(h) Person-centered plan facilitation.
(i)(i) Physical therapy.
(j)(j) Plethysmograph.
(k)(k) Polygraph.
(l)(l) Positive behavior support.
(m)(m) Private duty nursing.
(n)(n) Recreational opportunities.
(o)(o) Reentry community safety program.
(p)(p) Relief care.
(q)(q) Residential habilitation.
(r)(r) Respite.
(s)(s) Risk assessment.
(t)(t) Service animal services.
(u)(u) Skilled nursing.
(v)(v) Skills acquisition.
(w)(w) Specialized clothing.
(x)(x) Specialized evaluation and consultation.
(y)(y) Specialized habilitation.
(z)(z) Specialized habilitation–stabilization.
(a)(a)(a) Specialized equipment and supplies.
(b)(b)(b) Specialized nutrition.
(c)(c)(c) Speech therapy.
(d)(d)(d) Stabilization diversion bed.
(e)(e)(e) Staff and family consultation.
(f)(f)(f) Staff and family consultation–stabilization.
(g)(g)(g) State supplementary payments.
(h)(h)(h) Supported parenting.
(i)(i)(i) Therapeutic adaptations.
(j)(j)(j) Training and counseling.
(k)(k)(k) Transition services.
(l)(l)(l) Transportation.
(m)(m)(m) Vehicle modifications.
(n)(n)(n) Wellness education.
(2) This section does not include services directly provided by the department.
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