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PDFWAC 388-76-10895

Emergency evacuation drills—Frequency and participation.

(1) There are two types of emergency evacuation drills:
(a) A full evacuation is evacuation from the home to the designated safe location; and
(b) A partial evacuation is evacuation to the designated emergency exit.
(2) The adult family home must conduct:
(a) Partial emergency evacuation drills which occur during random staffing shifts at least every sixty days, with each resident participating in at least one each calendar year;
(b) A full emergency evacuation drill at least once each calendar year, with all residents participating in the drill together and at the same time; and
(c) Emergency evacuation drills even if there are no residents living in the home for the purpose of staff practice.
(3) The home must respect the resident's right to refuse to participate in emergency evacuation drills. However, the home must still demonstrate the ability to safely evacuate all residents doing the following:
(a) Documenting the resident's wish to refuse to participate in the negotiated care plan;
(b) Providing an estimate of the amount of time it would take to evacuate the resident and how they calculated this estimate in the negotiated care plan;
(c) Adding the estimated time to the time recorded on the emergency evacuation drill log after each drill to ensure the length of time to evacuate does not exceed five minutes; and
(d) Continuing to offer the resident a chance to participate in every evacuation drill.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.128.040 and 70.128.060. WSR 21-11-074, § 388-76-10895, filed 5/17/21, effective 8/1/21. Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.128 RCW. WSR 16-20-095, § 388-76-10895, filed 10/4/16, effective 11/4/16. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.128.040 and chapters 70.128 and 74.34 RCW. WSR 07-21-080, § 388-76-10895, filed 10/16/07, effective 1/1/08.]
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