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PDFWAC 388-310-1700


(1) What is self-employment?
When you work for yourself and do not have an employer, you are self-employed.
(2) When can I be deferred from job search to pursue self-employment?
(a) To be deferred from job search for self-employment, you must meet all the conditions below:
(i) You must be working at least thirty-two hours a week at your business;
(ii) Your business must generate income for you that is equal to the federal minimum wage times thirty-two hours per week after your business expenses are subtracted.
(iii) Your case manager will refer you to a local business resource center, and they must approve your self-employment plan;
(b) If you do not meet all these conditions, you may still be self-employed, but you will also need to participate in job search or other WorkFirst activities.
(3) What self-employment services can I get?
If you are a mandatory participant and have an approved self-employment plan in your individual responsibility plan, you may get the following self-employment services:
(a) A referral to community resources for technical assistance with your business plan.
(b) Small business training courses through local community organizations or technical and community colleges.
(c) Information on affordable credit, business training and ongoing technical support.
(4) What support services may I receive?
If you have an approved self-employment plan in your individual responsibility plan all support services are available.
(5) Can I get childcare?
Childcare is available if you have an approved self-employment plan in your individual responsibility plan. (See chapter 110-15 WAC for working connections child care program rules.)
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