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PDFWAC 388-110-120

Resident personal funds.

(1) Upon the death of a resident, the contractor must promptly convey the resident's personal funds held by the assisted living facility with a final accounting of such funds to the department or to the individual or probate jurisdiction administering the resident's estate no later than forty-five calendar days after the date of the resident's death:
(a) When the personal funds of the deceased resident must be paid to the state of Washington, those funds and the final accounting shall be made payable to the secretary, department of social and health services, and sent to the Office of Financial Recovery, Estate Recovery Unit, P.O. Box 9501, Olympia, Washington 98507-9501, or such address as may be directed by the department in the future;
(b) The check and final accounting accompanying the payment must contain the name and Social Security number of the deceased individual from whose personal funds account the moneys are being paid; and
(c) The department of social and health services shall establish a release procedure for use of funds necessary for burial expenses.
(2) In situations where the resident is absent from the assisted living facility for an extended time without notifying the assisted living facility, and the resident's whereabouts is unknown:
(a) The contractor must make a reasonable effort to find the missing resident; and
(b) If the resident cannot be located after ninety days, the contractor must notify the department of revenue of the existence of "abandoned property," outlined in chapter 63.29 RCW. The contractor must deliver to the department of revenue the balance of the resident's personal funds within twenty days following such notification.
(3) Prior to the change of contractor of the assisted living facility business, the contractor must:
(a) Provide each resident with a written accounting of any personal funds held by the assisted living facility;
(b) Provide the new contractor with a written accounting of all resident funds being transferred; and
(c) Obtain a written receipt for those funds from the new operator.
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