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PDFWAC 388-107-0040

Preadmission assessment.

(1) The enhanced services facility must complete a face to face preadmission assessment at the hospital with each potential resident prior to admission which includes the following minimum information:
(a) Resident identification information such as but not limited to the name, address and telephone number of the resident's:
(i) Representative;
(ii) Health care providers;
(iii) Significant family members identified by the resident;
(iv) Other individuals the resident wants involved or notified; and
(b) Presenting issues;
(c) Current medical and mental health history;
(d) Necessary and contraindicated medications, including psychotropic;
(e) A licensed medical or health professional's physical and mental health diagnoses;
(f) Significant known behaviors such as but not limited to aggressive, threatening, intrusive, assaultive, self-endangering including attempted suicide and/or homicide or other symptoms that may cause concern or require special care and staffing;
(g) Chemical dependency history, including tobacco;
(h) Level of personal care needs, assistance with activities of daily living;
(i) Activities and service preferences;
(j) Preferences regarding other issues important to the prospective resident, such as food and daily routine;
(k) Information that a potential resident is or is not court-ordered for treatment or under the supervision of the department of corrections;
(l) Individual's anticipated level of need for supervision in the community;
(m) Cognitive impairments that result in symptoms of behaviors requiring supervision and facility services;
(n) History of unsuccessful placement in the community settings; and
(o) Treatment recommendations or recommendations for additional program-specific assessment.
(p) A transition plan that:
(i) Allows the facility to work with the state hospital staff to understand what the resident responds to in difficult situations; and
(ii) Allows the facility to request hospital staff to visit resident in new environment and teach enhanced services facility staff techniques that have been successful in the hospital.
(2) The enhanced services facility will integrate information from the state's last comprehensive assessment reporting evaluation (CARE) into the facility's preadmission assessment.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.97 RCW. WSR 14-19-071, ยง 388-107-0040, filed 9/12/14, effective 10/13/14.]
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