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PDFWAC 388-101D-0615

What requirements must the group training home's smoke detectors and fire extinguishers meet?

(1) The group training home must install approved automatic smoke detectors:
(a) In every client's bedroom;
(b) On every floor of the home; and
(c) In an interconnected manner so when one alarm is triggered, the whole system reacts.
(2) The approved smoke detectors must:
(a) Be in working condition at all times; and
(b) Meet the specific needs of all clients living in the home.
(3) The group training home must have a five-pound 2A:10B-C fire extinguisher on each floor of the home, unless the local fire authority requires a different type of fire extinguisher.
(4) Each fire extinguisher must be:
(a) Installed according to manufacturer recommendations;
(b) Annually replaced or inspected and serviced;
(c) In proper working order; and
(d) Readily available for use at all times.
(5) The group training home must be located in an area with public fire protection.
(6) A group training home that was a licensed assisted living facility before January 1, 2019 must:
(a) Meet requirements under subsections (1) through (5); or
(b) Annually demonstrate they have passed inspection by the state fire marshal.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 71A.12.030, 71A.12.120, 71A.12.040 and 71A.22.010. WSR 18-23-101, ยง 388-101D-0615, filed 11/20/18, effective 1/1/19.]
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