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PDFWAC 388-101D-0430

Restrictive procedures approval.

(1) The service provider must have documentation of the proposed intervention strategy that:
(a) Lists the risks of the challenging behavior(s);
(b) Lists the risks of the proposed restrictive procedure(s);
(c) Explains why less restrictive procedures are not recommended;
(d) Indicates nonrestrictive alternatives to the recommendation that have been tried but were unsuccessful; and
(e) Includes space for the client and/or the client's legal representative to write comments and opinions regarding the plan and the date of those comments.
(2) The service provider must consult with the division of developmental disabilities if:
(a) The client and/or the client's legal representative disagree with parts of the proposed restrictive procedure; and
(b) An agreement cannot be reached.
(3) Before the service provider implements restrictive procedures they must be approved in writing by:
(a) The service provider's administrator; or
(b) Someone designated by the service provider to have approval authority; and
(c) Someone designated by the division of developmental disabilities, when required by the residential services contract.
[WSR 16-14-058, recodified as § 388-101D-0430, filed 6/30/16, effective 8/1/16. Statutory Authority: Chapter 71A.12 RCW. WSR 08-02-022, § 388-101-3900, filed 12/21/07, effective 2/1/08.]
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