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PDFWAC 388-101-4175


(1) The department may take one or more of the following actions in any case which the department finds that a service provider is noncompliant with the requirements of this chapter, the department's residential services contract, the requirements of chapter 74.34 RCW or other relevant federal, state and local laws, requirements or ordinances:
(a) Require a service provider to implement a plan of correction approved by the department and to cooperate with subsequent monitoring of the service provider's progress;
(b) Impose reasonable conditions on a service provider's certification such as correction within a time specified in the statement of deficiency, training, and limits on the type of client the service provider may serve;
(c) Impose civil penalties;
(d) Suspend the service provider from accepting clients with specified needs by imposing a limited suspension of department referrals (stop placement);
(e) Suspend department referrals (stop placement);
(f) Refuse to certify a prospective service provider;
(g) Decertify or refuse to renew the certification of the service provider.
(2) The enforcement actions and penalties authorized in this section are not exclusive or exhaustive and nothing in this section prohibits the department from taking any action authorized in statue or rule or under the terms of a contract with the service provider.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 71A.12, 74.34, and 74.39A RCW. WSR 16-18-040, § 388-101-4175, filed 8/30/16, effective 9/30/16.]
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