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PDFWAC 388-06B-0200

What are the DSHS secretary's responsibilities in carrying out the requirements to conduct background checks?

The DSHS secretary or designee will:
(1) Develop policies and guidelines pertaining to background checks. The department's background check policies and guidelines must minimally address the following:
(a) Process for identifying department-covered positions;
(b) Notification to employees and applicants that a background check is required for covered positions;
(c) When employees and applicants may be hired on a conditional basis pending the results of a background check;
(d) When a character, competence, and suitability review will be required to determine if the applicant and/or employee may have unsupervised access to vulnerable adults, juveniles and children;
(e) When rechecks may be initiated;
(f) What happens when a permanent DSHS employee is denied a department-covered position because of a background check or failure to authorize a background check to include:
(i) Employment options available when a permanent employee is disqualified from holding a department covered position;
(ii) Interim measures available while exploring employment options;
(iii) Process that will be used to identify noncovered department positions; and
(iv) Specific time frame allowed for exploration of employment options prior to separation of a permanent employee.
(g) When an employee may request a review of a disqualification for employment in a covered position;
(2) Not further disseminate background check information unless authorized or required by law to do so; and
(3) Comply with public disclosure requirements and the rules of civil discovery when applicable.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.43.832, 43.20A.710 and 43.43.837. WSR 15-05-030, ยง 388-06B-0200, filed 2/10/15, effective 3/13/15.]
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